How to buy- step by step

Step1: Select your sizes!

  • All offered patterns are available in different sizeoptions. Please choose your size serie!
  1. Standardsizes: XS/ S/ M/ M_L or
  2. Standardizes: M_L/ L/ XL/ XXL
  3. Shortsizes: 17/18/19/20
  4. Shortsizes: 20/21/22/23
  5. Longsizes: 68/72/76/80
  6. Longsizes: 80/84/88/92
  • You can get your pattern on Din-A0 to plot and sliced on Din-A4 (Us-lettersize for customers from Northamerica) to print them at home. You have to decide yourself whether you want to plot your pattern in copyshops or to print it at home and glue together. (here is the instruction

Step 2: Lay in your basket!

Add the pattern in your basket. You can check here all order information again.
You can also redeem your vouchers in this step. And it goes on!

Step 3: Choose the paymentoption

  1. You can choose your payment option.

  2. Below the payment method you can leave your comments.

Step 4: Legal requirements

Bevor you buy, you have to accept our terms and conditions and right of withdrawal!
You have also agree the right of withdrawal for digital goods that you will loose your right of withdrawal with the begin your downloadprozess!

Step5: Purchase

Finally you can check all your purchase information and place your order with the button "order with an obligation to pay"!
After your purchase you will receive an confirmation mail :-)